Posted: September 16th, 2022

This is not a first person opinionated essay.

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BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR TOPIC AND TITLE. What questions do you have? What would you want people know? What is your argument for or against? Remember you can write about anything from Chapters 16-21. As stated in the syllabus, the essay should be informative/analytical. Informative means that your essay should educate the reader on the topic that you are writing about. Analytical means that you can make an argument for or against what you are writing about. You will need to back this up with material from our textbook by David Shi and/or, if needed, material from the PSC Online Library. DO NOT use first person in your essay. For example do not write, “I believe….” “I agree with….”. Instead, write in a direct third person voice. For example, “Tenement housing was horrible because…..” or “Even though many disliked President Woodrow Wilson, women’s suffrage was passed under his administration”. Basically, let your research and sources do the talking for you. This is not a first person opinionated essay.
The paper is to be formatted in MLA style. I have provided links in the Introduction/Overview Module that covers MLA style. Please pay attention to the end of the MLA Format video. The video will show how to format a “works cited” page with hanging indents. Your essay must be in MLA format to receive full credit.
The Essay Structure link shows how a proper five-paragraph essay should be. Your essay will probably be longer than five paragraphs but the five paragraph essay model is how your essay should be. Opening paragraph—Body Paragraphs—Closing Paragraph. I recommend reading a couple of five paragraph essays for examples.
Your essay must be in Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double spaced. The essay should be between 500-750 words or roughly 2 pages to 2 1/2 pages.
If you choose a broad topic like “What was Life and Politics Like in the Gilded Age” you should be fine with just using the Shi textbook as your source.
If you choose to write about something or someone that the Shi text does not give a lot of information on, then you will need to research in the PSC ONline Library. For example, if you want to write about C.J. Walker you will need to do some research from the PSC Online Library. There is link on how to use an online college library. The college in the video is not PSC but all college online libraries work the same.

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