Posted: September 23rd, 2022

This is what the teacher want to see in this essay but i want to write about a mall called the galleria and how its a anti-deperssion to me and how i love to shop their

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Describe a place/space you are very familiar with and attempt to give your audience a feel for not just what the place looks like but how people experience that place. How does this place/environment/setting influence the people that visit it or inhabit it? How do people interact in this place in difference ways than similar or nearby settings? This place could be anywhere from a relative or friend’s home to a park to a local hangout, but it should be a place that you think has some significance to the people that go to and interact in this place. Think about “The Santa Anas” and how Didion not only describes LA under the influence of the Santa Anas but how the winds change the people and environment itself. THIS IS WHAT THE TEACHER WANT TO SEE IN THIS ESSAY BUT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT A MALL CALLED THE GALLERIA AND HOW ITS A ANTI-DEPERSSION TO ME AND HOW I LOVE TO SHOP THEIR

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