Posted: September 20th, 2022

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Choose one personal, preventative environmental practice/behavior that impacts you. This can be the behavior you discussed in DQ1. This is a personal choice, but challenge yourself. Make this a behavioral practice, something that you think is important for you as well as the rest of America to change. Explain 1) the importance of this practice, 2) the waste/pollution/disease impact created or potentially created from the practice, 3) your goal and 4) what personal steps you will do to change the practice. You will need to use information from at least two peer reviewed journal articles.
In subsequent weeks you will write reflections on your progress and thoughts of implementing the practice. In total there will be three behaviors that you will personally modify. Each behavior corresponds to a specific topic presented. One example is using private transportation less. Waking to the store or biking to class is better for our health and better for the pollutants that vehicles create. This change would also include not idling the vehicle (especially as the vehicle manual probably indicates that you do not need to even when it is cold outdoors).
MY TOPIC – An environmental issue that is weighing in my personal life is my well-being. The issues that I am dealing with are stress, feeling burnout and balance between personal and professional life. In my opinion, I believe this all started after COVID, it felt like I lost a connection with the world which influenced my anxiety to increase as well as depression.I also didn’t know how to illustrated my thoughts correctly and my vocabulary seemed to decreased. I believe that this issues is very important because not only did depression increased but also suicidal rates as well.

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