Posted: February 16th, 2022


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I need help with a few questions. I will send you the chapter for question 3 once someone can help me thanks. 1. Read the “TOP 20 PRINCIPLES FROM PSYCHOLOGY FOR PreK–12 TEACHING AND LEARNING” (found in the module.)Reflect on how these principles may impact your teaching and your classroom community. Write down one activity you may do to implement and apply this knowledge to your teaching.2. Now it is your turn to TAKE ACTION and examine your own practices, and plan for increasing opportunities for students to develop their positive social and emotional skills. Choose one of the ideas below or something you design to take action in your classroom to encourage social and emotional development. Develop an Instructional Plan or Activity to help students develop positive social and emotional skills. Write up the Plan or Activity. Be specific. How would this encourage development of positive social and emotional skills? This will probably be an attachment or link posted here to the Discussion Board.Possible Ideas (there are other instructional strategies mentioned in video):1.Document and photograph your students engaged in collaborative activities and display these photos prominently in the classroom with words that emphasize the value and importance of collaboration.2.Try using bibliotherapy to engage students in discussions that highlight problem solving, collaboration, or emotional regulation.3.Reflect upon your classroom schedule and your curricular units. Create an action plan to incorporate more group discussions, or more opportunities for students to work with other students to build prosocial skills.4.Integrate role-play into a lesson to enhance student’s empathy skills by seeing issues from different points of view.5. Use Socratic questioning to discuss the merits of collaboration with students. Have students examine and defend their positions. If appropriate (developmentally), have students come up with ways they can more effectively collaborate in class and what to do when issues arise (i.e. someone in the group does not pull their weight).3. after reading chapter three from Gifted Education and Gifted Students.Choose one of the Opportunities for Practice (page 33) to complete:Create an intervention to help underachieving students. How will you know if the intervention is successful?Develop a lesson incorporating your standards that encourages the growth of students’ emotional intelligence.Think of one specific psychological symptom you might encounter in gifted learners (e.g., anxiety, fear of failure, perfectionism) and create a plan to help students cope with their feelings and thrive in the classroom environment.
Requirements: long as each question needs to be   |   .doc file

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