Posted: February 5th, 2022

Treatment Outcomes

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Chapter 7  Treatment Outcomes
Think about the information provided in the chapter regarding treatment outcome studies.
What surprised you the most about the outcomes of the three primary studies discussed in the chapter?
How would you use this information to advocate for changes in treatment settings?
Chapter 9, The text indicates there are multiple 12-step programs.
What is it about this model that can be generalized for so many other issues (e.g. overeating, gambling, spending, and sexual relationships)?
The steps use the term “God, as you understand him.” Discuss what this means to you. Remember that there is no wrong answer.
Chapter 16  Qualities of a Good Counselor
Give examples of people you have known that display the same qualities of a “ good counselor.” What stands out to you in terms of how they fit with those qualities listed in the chapter? What have you seen them do?
What aspects of your personality contribute to your ability to be a good counselor? What aspects of your personality might impede your ability to be a good counselor?

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