Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Was it mandated by an outside organization, such as the joint commission or medicare?

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Please provide the information requested in sections A-D.
Include student name, clinical faculty name (your course instructor), organization where your project would be implemented, proposed agency/organization contact person.
Include title page, approximately 3-4 pages of text, in-text citations, and reference page. APA format (where required), clarity, comprehension, sentence structure, and internal logic are all considered when evaluating your assignment.
Section A requires APA format; Sections B-D do not require APA format; you may use a question-answer format, a question with bulleted answers, complete sentences, or any other formatting of your choice. Be sure the information is clear and understandable to the reader.
Section A
Overview of the organization: Include a description of the organization where you will implement your Leading Change project, including its vision, mission, and philosophy. If you quote or paraphrase information retrieved from organizational literature or websites, please cite the information using APA style, and include an APA formatted reference list with the assignment.
Preliminary overview of the project: Provide a concise summary of any relevant background information:
Provide details of your proposed project.
Describe a QI project that can realistically be implemented in your health care setting.
Establish a working title for your project and state its preliminary purpose (“The purpose of my project is to …”)
How was the need for change identified?
For example, was it identified by clients, such as in a satisfaction survey? Was it identified by agency employees? Was it mandated by an outside organization, such as the Joint Commission or Medicare? Other?
Section B Applying the Leading Change Framework, Part 1
Describe your initial plans to apply the three elements of the Leading Change Framework to your project Being Strategic; Engaging People and Managing the Project (adapted from Skelton-Green, Simpson, and Scott, 2007). Answering the following questions will allow you to begin to plan your project.
What problem or problems do you believe your project is going to address? What are some of the causes of the problem?
An easy way to visually identify some of the possible causes related to your identified QI issue, draw a simple cause and effect diagram, also known as an Ishikawa or “fishbone” diagram. The classic fishbone diagram uses the categories of Materials (e.g. supplies), Methods (e.g. policies, procedures), Machines (e.g. equipment), Environment (e.g. clinical setting, community), and People (e.g. healthcare staff, patients).
Here’s an example of a fishbone diagram. (This one is a little different than the one you’ll be doing, but it gives you an idea of what one looks like.)
fishbone.PNG Feel free to draw your own on your computer, print out the provided blank diagram and write in your information as you think about possible causes or events that contribute to your problem. Submit your diagram along with your project proposal via the Assignment 1 link. It will be graded as part of your Project Proposal.
How do you believe the functioning of the organization will be improved when your project is completed?
What do you envision as the primary goal of your project?
You will be asked this question in more detail in Assignment 3, after you are more immersed in your project. For this proposal, answer based on your current knowledge of the project.
Is the timing good for you to begin your project? How do you see your project fitting into the current needs of the healthcare environment?
Who are the key stakeholders (persons and/or groups) who have an interest in the project outcome and may be affected by your project – both positively and negatively?
Use this table to list at least 5 stakeholders. For each stakeholder, state how they are affected by your project.
Stakeholder Table Image.PNG Who is likely to be influential in the success of your project?
Are you aware of any opposition to your project? If so, do any of those opponents hold a significant position in the organization?
Is your project a manageable size?
In other words, can it reasonably be completed at your proposed agency/organization?
What resources would be needed to manage the project?
These can be informational resources or financial resources. Consider human, print/online, organizational, and community resources. Also include financial resources, such as employee time, materials, production costs, etc., that you believe would be needed to complete your project.
What excites you about this project? Why do you care?
What concerns you about this project? Do you anticipate any potential obstacles or barriers?
Section C. Sharing the Good News
How will you promote your project to interested parties at the organization?
After you have successfully completed your project, to whom will you present your final project?
Is there a particular setting (scheduled meeting, organizational committee, etc.) where this information is most appropriately presented?
Section D. Project Evidence Base
Your project will be supported by evidence. List 3-4 search topics (keywords) you believe would be appropriate for a literature search to find current evidence about your proposed project.
Your initial literature search may be directed toward general information-gathering on your topic, a search for clinical best practices, recent peer-reviewed research on a topic, or a historical review of a topic.

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