Posted: September 16th, 2022

Watchers of the sky directed by edet belzberg

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Watchers of the Sky directed by Edet Belzberg
NOT a movie review but own anaylsis but reflective in nature; DO NOT turn in a FILM REPORT. All assignments will be submitted through SafeAssign The goal of reflective essays is to talk about how the work (novel or film) applies, in your opinion, in context of the Holocaust. • How does it fit into the bi-weekly theme (see course outline)? It may not “fit” perfectly – but what does it relate to in the broader themes of the course? • Does it cover all issues related to what we know about the Holocaust? • Why this story/plot? • What is the impact? • Why was it important for the author/screenwriter to tell this story? This way? • What Literary Theory are you using to evaluate the film, book, testimony

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