Posted: February 24th, 2022

Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present

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Course: Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present
Topic: Enlightenment movement.
When push comes to shove, Enlightenment’s notions did matter. The people and governments who implemented some of the progressive ideas came to the top.
Connect the essence of scientific and practical accomplishments of the Enlightenment to the benefits for the larger strata of society. Think of education, transportation, criminal law, religion, social norms, even politics, etc.
List the dates/names/locations of the origin for a specific idea or discovery.
Please write an essay with this topic and the instructions above. Anti-plagiarism software will be used, so please do not plagiarize if you want a good rating and the paper to be accepted. Please research if needed to learn about the topic, if you write without knowing much about this topic it will reflect in your writing and be noticeable. Please use 2-3 sources
List your sources at the end of the essay as enumerated bibliography in college-standard History required format, Chicago Style.
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