Posted: February 24th, 2022

What are the mandatory conditions for probation and parole?

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Unit 10 Assignment
What are the mandatory conditions for probation and parole? What are the discretionary conditions? What is the reasoning behind imposing probation and pole?
Rehabilitation is mandatory for probation or parole. It is the framework for all supervision. The rights given to those on probation, parole, and under juvenile justice supervision are considered privileges that can be revoked if they do not abide by the conditions of release.
Probation and parole have some similarities but occur at different stages and under different authorities. A judge orders probation during sentencing. A sentence of probation can include jail time, but it is often an alternative to a jail or prison sentence. Probation allows a person to remain in the community while having to comply with certain conditions.
A parole board, on the other hand, grants parole to a prison inmate. Parole is an early, conditional release from prison that is usually based on proof of good behavior by an inmate, among other factors. The purpose of parole is to help a parolee reintegrate into the community after serving time in prison. Not all states use a parole system; some use a system of supervised release that is built into a sentence.
Both probationers and parolees are required to follow certain rules called conditions. Failure to abide by probation or parole conditions can result in arrest, modification of conditions, and incarceration (Nolo, 2021)
The number of conditions that must be satisfied for the court to grant probation or parole to a defendant; conditions often include probation officer supervision, restitution, and no weapons.
Every person on probation or parole must have a signed contract stating the terms and conditions of custody. Through this document, offenders are often required to pay restitution to their victims, follow commands from their probation and parole officers, refrain from possessing firearms, and reside in local housing which is approved by the court.
The reason for that was if we discovered that the criminal had a warrant already issued for their arrest, and if he or she did not show up for probation or parole meetings, which were court-mandated, they would be guilty of breaking the law. The condition of probation and pole imposed on a Defendant are the preferred method of punishment in many jurisdictions because it has been found to be more effective than other forms of punishment.
The judge imposes probation after taking into consideration the elements of the crime committed and whether a jail sentence is necessary. Probation gives a convicted individual the chance to show that they’ve changed for the better after time has passed.

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