Posted: September 20th, 2022

What ethical issues has the company faced in the past and how did they address these challenges?

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Writing Requirement Overview This course is a general education course, designated (S)-Social & Behavioral Sciences. With this designation, there is a required writing component attached to the course. You will have three (3) two-page papers and one (1) four-page paper count toward your final grade. Each of these papers will cover management topics, concepts, and theories for an individual company that will be assigned to each student. Short Paper Overview You will write three short papers covering the company that you are assigned. The due dates for each paper will be posted in Canvas. Each of these papers will be graded for comprehension, clarity, and thoroughness. The papers will also be graded for grammar, spelling and professional writing requirements. Each paper will be worth 50 points each. Late papers will not be accepted, but you will have the opportunity to make up a missed paper or improve a paper at the end of the semester. Requirements Between 700-800 words (works cited page is not included in total required word count) Double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font 1-inch margins Name located in the header Proper APA in-paper citations and works cited page required. You do not need to follow APA guidelines for a title page or abstract. You MUST use APA for the body of your paper and works cited page. Use at least 4 sources. You may use the company’s website and filings as a source. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Short Paper Instructions Paper #1 For Paper #1, you will analyze your company against two of the three options below. In order to receive full credit, you need to address each bullet point for each prompt for the two options you choose. Option 1: Ethics Option What ethical issues has the company faced in the past and how did they address these challenges? Considering these challenges, evaluate the ethical leadership provided by the company’s executives (CEO, CFO, Board of Directors, etc.). Does the organization consider their various stakeholder groups when making decisions? Provide an example. Is the organization transparent about their ethical challenges? Provide an example. From an ethics perspective, what challenges should the company be actively monitoring considering their line of business? For example, an energy company is likely to be closely monitoring sustainability. From an ethics perspective, how does your company compare to others in their industry? Have their competitors experienced ethical issues? Provide background to support your analysis. Option 2: Diversity Option What is the company’s background in regards to diversity? Does the company have an active diversity program? How is it structured? Do they post diversity statistics? If so, please relevant statistics. Does the press positively or negatively view the company’s efforts in regard to diversity? Do employees view the company’s diversity efforts positively or negatively? Are there EEOC complaints against the company? Are employees making comments related to diversity on job sites (Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.) and are those comments positive or negative? How does the company’s diversity efforts compare to their competitors? Has the company received any positive recognition (e.g., rankings, awards) for their diversity efforts? Option 3: International Option Does your company have both domestic and international offices? Where are they located? What is the company’s dependency/strategy in regards to globalization? Remember, even if your company has only domestic locations, it does not mean they are not engaged in the global economy. Remember to consider supply chains and emerging competitive markets. Compare your company’s level of globalization to their competitors and industry. Is your company more or less active in the global market than their competitors? Provide an example to justify your analysis. Did your company experience negative disruption due to dependency on global markets within the last five years? How did your company manage this disruption? Provide an example to justify your analysis. Remember to consider supply chains and emerging competitive markets. Short Paper Rubric The rubric below will be used to grade your submission. Please note the following guidelines regarding deductions: Grammar, Spelling, Professional Writing 3 – 5 issues: 2 points deducted 6 or more: 4 points deducted No “Works Cited” page: 4 points deducted Not a proper “Works Cited” page: 2 points deducted No in-paper citations: 2 points deducted Completeness Over 1,000 words: 2 points deducted Under 700 words: 2 points deducted Other length/formatting errors: 2 points deducted per error 2 points deducted for each question that isn’t answered Clarity 1 point deducted per question prompt for vague/not answered response 40% or higher Turnitin score results in a 0.

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