Posted: May 5th, 2022

What is the environmental impact of food production?

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5-7 Pages. I will stop reading at 8 pages. 5-7 pages is the goal, not including photos/graphs/bibliography.
Use at least 3 key terms from class/reader/lecture. Use also 3 course readings and 2 outside academic sources. I recommend that you check with me regarding the academic sources you choose to use. The SocIndex database on the library website is the best resource.
Videos do not count as part of the three class readings. But you are welcome to still use and cite the videos. Each chapter in the book counts as a separate reading.
You must turn it in on blackboard in order to receive your grade.
Please proofread! Grammar, spelling, and the structure of the paper will impact your grade.
12-point font. Double spaced.
One-inch margins on all sides
Times New Roman font.
Correctly cite all literature using quotations and a works cited page (not footnotes/endnotes). “This is an example quotation” (Rogers-Brown 2012: 3). I suggest you use the ASA style guide (just google it) or another REAL style guide like APA or MLA.
Last, First. Year. Title of Book. City of publication: Publisher.
Last, First. Year. “Title of Journal Article.” Journal Title. 4(3): 5-22.
To cite lecture in the text of your paper: (Brown, Lecture Date)
(Please check the specific requirements in the file I sent)(Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the paper guidelines.)
1.Focus on one particular food product (such as a tomato). How can you use the tomato to talk about global food inequalities, industrialized food production, etc.? 2.What is the environmental impact of food production?; (Choose a topic from these two)

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