Posted: February 8th, 2022

What is the purpose of the research they chose to review?

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing report and need a sample draft to help me learn.Page Length: 3-4 pages (at least 3 full pages) double spaced (note you will not have a cover page
or a reference page because you reference it in the beginning as a review of the article). The following is a suggested outline and thoughts to include in your article review. 1. At the top of your paper (after your name, date, etc.; before you start writing), give the reference,
in APA style, for the article you chose. 2. Write an introduction (in paragraph form do not only list a-d) that includes the following: a. What is the general topic that this paper is addressing? b. What has previous research on this (or related) topic demonstrated (should be in the
research article review of current research? What is the purpose of the research they chose
to review? c. How does the researcher(s) current research compliments the past research on this
topic (or does it)? d. What is/are the author(s) hypothesis/hypotheses? Do the hypotheses make sense to you? 3. Briefly, describe the methods used to collect the data. Who were the participants? Does this
population support their generalization based on the results? What did the researcher(s) have to do
in this study? What were the measures that were collected?4. Write a general overview of what the results of the study are? (you don’t have to use their
actual numbers or describe the statistics, this is not a statistic class) For example, did one subject
group score differently than another subject group on a measure or test? Or was there a
relationship between two or more variables? Do the results support the researcher(s) hypotheses?
Note: the last portion of the article review will summarize the results but do not skip over the
statistics section. I don’t expect you to fully understand the statistics because this is not a statistic
course. However, I want you to at least read it and try to understand the statistical review of the
research findings. 5. What is/are the major conclusions(s) drawn by the researcher(s)? What are the implications
of this study to the field of study (education, psychology, etc.), both regarding future
psychological and/or educational research and for understanding social behavior in a real-world
application? 6. In your opinion, what are the strengths of this research? 7. In your opinion, what are the limitations or weakness of this research? What could the
researchers have done differently to avoid these limitations/weaknesses? What studies could be
done in the future as follow-ups to this study to address these limitations/weaknesses? NOTE: if
you are criticizing this article/research you should speculate how this research is confounded,
biased, etc… Look at their sample size; is it large enough (realize the reality of research is there are
limits usually to what the population size can be)? Is the sample a broad sample of the general
population (Note the research may only be suggested of a certain population such as autistic
children or ADHD children and not generalizing to the entire population)
Requirements: 3-4 pages

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