Posted: February 24th, 2022

Why do long distance truck drivers work extremely long hours?

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Briefly summarize the article (one paragraph) and then reflect on (THREE paragraphs) what you learned from it re:
1) a theory, hypothesis or finding in it re: the labor market that might inform you in your future professional role (e.g., as a manager/supervisor or job).
2) something in the article that informs your own life when engaged in your personal role as a student, labor force participant, job seeker, employee or household member.
3) how the article somehow relates to either some other article on the reading list or one published article you find on-line (that is about labor force participation, labor supply preferences, happiness, human capital investment or labor demand).
Douglas, Evan and Robyn Morris. (2006) “Workaholic, or Just Hard Worker?” Career Development International: 11.5, 394-417. Pencavel, John. The labor supply of self-employed workers: The choice of working hours in worker co-ops, Journal of Comparative Economics 43 (3) (2015) 677–689. Leonce, T. E. (2020). The Inevitable Rise in Dual-Income Households and the Intertemporal Effects on Labor Markets. Compensation & Benefits Review. Belzer, Michael H., and Stanley A. Sedo. “Why do long distance truck drivers work extremely long hours?” The Economic and Labour Relations Review (2017): 1035304617728440.

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