Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Why is it planning so important?

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**Please answer 10 questions with short responses 1. Why is IT planning so important? 2. As part of their IT planning, many organizations decide to standardize. What does standardization mean in this context, and what are its potential benefits? 3. Why is traditional systems development referred to as a “cycle”? What determines the cycle’s end? 4. Systems developers often use the term “application development” rather than “systems development.” Why? 5. What are the benefits of using data flow diagrams? Who benefits from DFDs? 6. SDLC is usually recommended for developing an IS that interfaces with other ISs. Give two examples of an IS that is interfaced with at least two other ISs. 7. Recall the discussion of IT professionals in Chapter 1, “Business Information Systems: An Overview.” Of the following professionals, who does the majority of the systems construction job: the CIO, systems analyst, database administrator (DBA), or programmer? Why? 8. What are the advantages of agile methods over waterfall development methods, such as the traditional SDLC? What are the risks? 9. Are agile methods more important in today’s business environment? Why or why not? 10. Why are agile methods so helpful when users cannot define system requirements? Note: Repeat the question/task. Use technical writing elements and formatting. Must have a reference page. Must use a 12-inch font, double-spaced. Include Name, Course Number and section, Title of Homework Assignment, Instructor Name, and Due Date aligned right single-space.

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