Posted: October 15th, 2022

Writer’s background (why you chose topic, how it relates to you) 3.

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CRITICAL ANALYSIS PAPER: Over the course of the semester you will write a “think paper” or critical analysis. This will be a critical thought paper on a relevant topic or social, political or theoretical issue taken from readings, class or media. These must be no more than two pages in length, and must be turned in with a cover page including a title, your name, course information, and date. Think papers must include: 1) an introduction that concisely states the topic, the thesis question, and the writer’s interest in the topic; 2) a body that briefly and equally covers OPPOSING sides of the issue with regard to two or three specific points; and 3) a conclusion that clearly details what the author has learned through the process of researching and reflecting upon the topic. (See outline below for exact format.) You should begin now thinking about what topics you want to address. Papers require a minimum of six to nine sources. See guide on writing think papers under syllabus tab.
I. Introduction
1. Topic
2. Writer’s Background (why you chose topic, how it relates to you)
3. Research Question (“To what extent does x impact y?”)
II. Background
3 – 4 sentences containing factual information necessary to understand the topic being discussed (In text citations, 3 sources)
III. Body
A. Perspective A
Point 1
Point 2
B. Perspective B
Point 1
Point 2
IV. Conclusion
2 – 3 Sentences covering what the author learned that s/he did not know & (for 2nd paper only) what the author’s recommendation is regarding the issue.

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