Posted: September 20th, 2022

You could argue that they are both similar because…… or you could argue that they are very different because…….

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Each student will write a 4-6 page essay reflecting on the tensions among their individual beliefs and personal interests with each of the following subject matters. The essay should represent a particular position or point of view on the topic that is both thoughtful and supported by evidence. You must cite at least 3 outside sources (APA citation format is required).
The topic for discussion is:
Civil Rights protests and/or Bloody Sunday.
The structure of the paper should follow a basic essay format. You are expected to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should end with your taking a particular stance on a particular issue. This stance should be grounded in your core values. Make sure it is specific and arguable.
The body of the essay should include at least three main points with supporting citations. You should agree and/or disagree with a source by using a connection to the topic you are discussing. This means that you should connect the period in Irish history that we are discussing with some other event that occurred in the world at any time in history. You should use that connection as support for your main argument.
For example, if you are discussing the Irish Civil Rights movement, you could connect that with the American Civil Rights movement. You don’t have to focus on the actual events of the period in discussion. You could, instead, look at a particular person from that period. For example, you could connect Ivan Cooper (Irish Civil Rights leader) with Martin Luther King. You could argue that they are both similar because…… or you could argue that they are very different because……. The focus, however, is using this connection as support for your main argument. This support should be clearly outlined in the body of your paper in three distinct paragraphs.
Finally, you will end with a conclusion. Wrap up your main point in a different way as a concluding statement of what you believe. Each paper must include a full reference list.
Developing, Organizing and Supporting Arguments Workshop
Strong thesis statements are at the core of every well-developed and organized academic argument. Yet, students often don’t know how to create a thesis statement that is arguable, explicit and limits the scope of their papers based on prompt instructions, class readings and their own research. Using a class assignment, students will produce a thesis statement in this workshop. They will then learn how to use their thesis statements to organize, construct and develop paragraphs stemming from that thesis. Date of the workshop is listed on the course outline.
Submission Deadline and Grading
Each student must upload their completed Paper final version to Blackboard.
In addition, before submitting the final version of any of the papers to Blackboard, each student should first take his/her first publish to the Writing Center. Please make appointments to the Writing Center two weeks in advance of the submission.
Each paper will be graded using an ECG approved rubric which can be found on Learn.
***Rubric is uploaded
Rquired texts we have ben reading in class :
1. Ten Men Dead by David Beresford
2. The diary of Bobby Sands
3. Nothing But an Unfinished Song by Denis O’Hearn

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