Posted: September 23rd, 2022

You should write your annotated bibliography in word using 12-point times new roman with 1” margins, single-spaced.

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TASK: Your task is to: (1) Go to WSU Libraries at: (2) Click the Databases button under SearchIT. (3) It should take you to an A-to-Z list of all databases WSU subscribes to. You are searching for APA PsycInfo (ProQuest) under A. A direct link to the A listing is provided here: Be advised as websites change often, this may not work. If it does not work, search from the main Libraries page. Note that a link to APA PsycInfo (ProQuest) cannot be provided directly as it requires you to access the site from your WSU VPN. These links/instructions should point you in the right direction at least. (4) Using APA PsycInfo (ProQuest), find at least three peer-reviewed articles examining your myth. You should use relevant keywords to search for these articles. These articles must CLEARLY connect to your myth topic of choice. In other words, be certain that the articles you choose make sense for your topic. If, as your conducting your search, you find that your first myth choice isn’t working for you for whatever reason, you may move on to your alternate choice. (5) Be sure that the date range on your search includes only articles published in 2010 or more recently. (6) Read each article. (7) For each article, provide me with an annotated bibliography. (8) Each bibliography should begin with the reference. This will include the authors of the article, the year the article was published, the title of the article, the journal in which the article appears, the volume number the article appears in, and its page numbers. Use the guidelines below for proper reference format. (9) The annotated bibliography should consist of a brief, 200 to 250-word summary of the article with an explanation for why it is appropriate for/pertains to your myth. The summary should include a sentence introducing the study, a sentence or two explaining the method, and a sentence or two explaining what the authors found/concluded. Finally, include one to two sentences explaining how the study pertains to your myth and/or how the study helps to inform your understanding of the myth. (10) Be sure the assignment is formatted properly. You should write your annotated bibliography in Word using 12-point Times New Roman with 1” margins, single-spaced. Include your name at the top of the document then continue to the bibliographies. Number the entries. You’ll be reviewing three articles so there should be three entries. Begin with the reference then beginning on a new line, write the bibliography according to the instructions above. (11) Submit your annotated bibliography by the due date/time (specified in the course schedule) in Canvas. You can find the submission link by going to ASSIGNMENTS | Annotated Bibliography. Upload your document as an attachment. Be sure to click on Submit. 4 Example reference: Other things to note about the reference: (a) If there is more than one author, follow the first author’s name (as formatted above) with a comma then list the next author’s name using the same formatting as the first author’s name. (b) Notice where periods and commas appear. These are accurate. Notice what’s italicized and what is not. Notice what’s capitalized and what is not. (c) If you’re having troubles with the formatting, get help.
My myth buster is do depressed people only commit suicide ?

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