Posted: May 5th, 2022

(“Young Goodman Brown” and “A Family Supper”

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1) Form a reworked thesis statement with an arguable claim that connects your main ideas.
2) For direct quotes per your primary sources (“Young Goodman Brown” and “A Family Supper”). (Quotes are not needed to be found but if you’d suggest anywhere you’d think a quote needs to be placed, including a reasoning in brackets is appreciated).
3) Make sure that essay is formatted in a way that makes sense, you should have one introductory paragraph, 3 distinct body paragraphs, and 1 conclusory paragraph. Within 5 pages (Work cited page not included) Please format correctly and in a way that is easier to follow.
Any information or questions regarding the main idea will also be provided in summary. Provided rough draft of essay in file documents.

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