Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Your community.

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In the last 4 weeks, you have explored the
development of criminological theory, its
relationship to the criminal justice system (police,
courts, and corrections), and the cost of crime to
your community.
In this activity, you are going to further develop your
analytical and writing skills while applying critical
thinking by researching crime prevention programs
that have proven successful in reducing crime.
Using your reading assignments, intellipath®
lessons, and other resources, address the following
a 2-page paper:
Provide separate examples of a successful
program or policy for primary, secondary, and
tertiary crime prevention. (3 examples total)
2. Show how each of the examples you chose is
supported by a specific criminological theory.
Explain why you believe the program was a
success. Support your position with specific
cases or real examples or actual statistics.

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